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graduation thesis


Sale announcement, or You, or Compass

a collaboration with Shotaro Nikami

@my grand parents' house in Koiwa, Edogawa prefecture, Tokyo

A spin-off project from a solo exhibition held at my grandparents' house. This house was going to be sold and pull down. We asked visitors to choose items from this house and decide the price by themselves. We recorded on a piece of paper 1. what they bought, 2. the price, and 3. the reason for the purchase, and posted it in the house during the exhibition to record their purchases. In the solo exhibition, the house was valued from the artist's point of view, but at the garage sale, that point of view became that of others, and this house somehow changed from a personal space to a social space.

photo by Shunsuke Ono, Kamakura K, Misa Kurashina

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